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HydraEssence Creme

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Item Number: hydra creme
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A Large 2oz. Jar. Paraben-free. HydraEssence(TM) hydrates skin to its virtual saturation point, relieving dryness with intensive moisturization and 24-hour, long lasting benefits.

Patented HydraPatch(TM) Technology uses a synergistic combination of natural moisturizing factors and skin protectants to help reduce dehydration and render skin supple, smooth and more flexible. Improves skin's appearance and ability to absorb and retain moisture.

Hydrating Creme Concentrate, whipped creme with a unique skin-softening complex attracts water to cells and locks it in for optimal hydration. Nourishes, refreshes and rehydrates without any residual oiliness.

*This can be worn under makeup, looks beautiful!!

**Note this jar now says "Night Creme" on the bottle because of federal regulation laws that recently passed stating that if a product is not a primer or treatment creme and does not contain SPF then it must be called a night creme. But this product is the same formula it has always been, only the description on the jar has changed.

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